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Welcome to the Datavideo webshop

To get started, we first have to go through a couple steps to make sure that you're eligible to order through this webshop. Please read the below ground rules carefully before registering and ordering, because we will cancel your order if we think you aren't eligible. 

About Datavideo webshop

This webshop is intended for business to business sales only and is for businesses in countries where there is no direct representation from any Datavideo distributor. This means that if you are situated in a country without a Datavideo distributor you can order through this webshop. If you're in doubt, please check the Where to Buy section on the Datavideo website. This webshop is only intended for customers from the EMEA region. If you're situated outside the EMEA region, please contact your nearest Datavideo office to find out how you can order.

Creating an account and getting started

After you've made sure that you're eligible to order Datavideo products through this webshop, please create an accountThis account has to be registered to your business, so please make sure you have your Chamber of Commerce or VAT number ready. These numbers will be checked by our Customer Service after you order. You can now start selecting the products that you intend to buy.

Ordering process

Once you've filled your basket and you're ready to check out, you will find out that the payment and shipping methods are set at "Payment method to be determined" and  "Shipping method to be determined". This is because all our products need to be exported and are sometimes larger than a regular parcel transporter will accept. Also payments are often larger than a regular CreditCard provider will accept. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to negotiate payment and shipping methods. Orders that are waiting on payment for longer than 14 days will be deleted. If you order again your order will be processed as if it is a new order.

Product availability

Our webshop does not give you feedback on the availability of the products. Shipping out products is always done in order of first come, first serve. Our customer support will tell you the availability of the products and if you want to proceed. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: My country is listed on the Where to Buy section but I don't want to order through that distributor
A: If your country is listed on Where to Buy you have no other option than to contact your local distributor

Q: What are the standard shipping methods that Datavideo uses?
A: Our incoterms state that we handle your order "ex works". This means that you have to arrange shipping yourself. However, we have a contract with DHL in case you want us to arrange shipping. This is subject to a fee.


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